Peter Day

Digital Apostles
Pete Day

Created whilst on a three-month study visit to the Bielefeld Fachhochschule, Germany, 1991. These images were manufactured from several 35mm images cut pasted and layered in Photoshop. Photoshop was at this time slow and relatively new piece of software. Film was still the main method of recording, digital was slow, often low in quality, cumbersome and mistrusted by many in photography but introduced by Professor Gerd Fleischmann into the study of Graphics at Bielefeld. Gottfried Jaeger and Martin Holzhauser were the photography lecturers.

The work was influenced by the artists Hannah Hoch and Marta Hoepffner and marked a continuation of work in which I was making images rather than creating images mimetically. In my written study Cameras Take Pictures Too (1992) I challenged the notion through my practice that images in their most naturalistic form are the most abstract. The development of an ever more seamless technological aesthetic in computer imagery towards an ever more passive real seemed to create a necessary opportunity to re-challenge these notions.

Jan was the main inspiration behind the poses. These poses were being painted for a project of self-images as the apostles.

Gallerie Artists Unlimited, Bielefeld Germany 1991
Derby University, Dec 1991
Marsden Mechanics Institute, Huddersfield. May - June 1992
Bradford CTC, April 1992