Coloured Squares
Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day Pete Day

These images are representational in the sense of the traditional photograph, in that they are ‘ a window on the world’ - they are taken direct from object to film, film to paper. There is no manipulation. They pay homage to Cartier Bresson’s Decisive Moment. Where photographer, camera and moment collide to create the image. Ultimately the representational image here is abstract. They share common ground with artists, painters who work with the problem of canvass and making the mark. The viewfinder frames and records transitional marks that appear, traverse and indent surfaces and which in many images is transformed or created by light itself.

This project was completed within a 250 yard radius of the house I lived in at Beaufort Road Exeter and follows central themes in my work of making the local and banal the place of works. I had come to the conclusion that traditional photographic landscape had lost all credibility in creating nostalgic and romantic notions of representation. Within this work I am trying to create a more contemporary definition. Photography as the window on the world and as a mechanism for seeing the world, its ontological objectivity, is both shared and challenged in these images.


Phoenix Gallery, Brighton 1994