Pictures of my Father
Near the ending and beginning of an indeterminable light there is day and there is night. Here the transitory is balanced in the dust leaden air where we no longer trust our senses. We often stand at this intersection, a world without beginning or end where all meaning is cleanly and irrevocably suspended. Pictures of My Father (2008-2012) records the house my father lived in, 27 Devon Way Bailiff Bridge Brighouse West Yorkshire, for forty-five years. He died in this house in October 2008.
Preambulist Somnambulist
My artwork analyses the familiar, banal and anonymity in the everyday environment, through walking and serial revisiting. Each impulsive recording is a reflective examination of the ‘knowing’ of a present experience set against its later remembering, and memory (personal, fantastical, misremembered, nostalgia) that defines the interplay between the body, the imagination, and the world around the walker.
The Garden Manifesto
The publication of the book The Garden Manifesto concludes a ten-year study (1998-2008) of my home and life in Exeter, Devon. It is the last of three projects, including Invisible Boundaries.

The Bed You Slept in the Night Before You Left Me
project created as a departure from the images I was creating for Invisible Boundaries. Indeed this concentration on an area for a whole film is where I eventually concluded both projects.

Invisible Boundaries
My project and dissertation Invisible Boundaries are a practical thesis which focuses on the recording of the everyday in a practical photographic project, illustrated through images of my home.
Walk to Work
In April 2004 I began to image a series of walks which record the distance from my home on foot to the place where I work (one way- to work).

Helen’s Seat
i will look fiercely into nothingness and pledge fraternity with it, that i may percieve no further human traces when, at last, it seizes me too.

Road Works
Monumental and sculptural, the road represents something of what we see as concrete and indestructible. In our lives it symbolises often, security, familiarity and thus topographical nostalgia.

Coloured Squares
This work formed the basis of an exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery in Brighton 1994.
These images are representational in the sense of the traditional photograph...


Digital Apostles
Created whilst on a three-month study visit to the Bielefeld Fachhochschule, Germany, 1991. These images were manufactured from several images cut pasted and layered in Photoshop...


Poll Tax Etchings
These images are a celebration of the community protest toward the demise of Thatcherism. A loathed political figure in the North.

Don't Look in the Mirror
This work was created in conjunction with the Concrete Poet, Paula Claire. This joint project was created when we both simultaneously had been referencing the destructive force of Hiroshima...
Abstract Faces/Portraits
Produced in 1987 at a time when I was attempting to ‘corrupt’ the image making process by using reflective surfaces, internegs and seeing the negative as a starting point to a creative process.